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Season 11 of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) will reintroduce the Paramo map, make changes to ranked play and showcase a new item. 

Map updates and rotations

First introduced back in Season 9, the Paramo map will return with several changes. PUBG players will get to experience improvements to the terrain along with extra field cover. This will be in addition to an expanded world system that adjusts landmarks between matches.

Players will also get to create custom games with the map and enjoy the increased rate of item spawns located in Paramo’s Secret Room.

A screenshot of PUBG’s Paramo map. Image via Krafton, Inc.

As for the other maps, the upcoming PUBG update will start limiting the number of playable ones to five. According to the patch notes, cycling out maps will allow PUBG to work on them before they become available again. The Paramo map will replace Karakin in the upcoming rotation, however Karakin will still be playable in custom PUBG games.

“We know that our players have very different tastes when it comes to map size, but the consensus has generally been in favor of the large 8×8 maps,” the patch notes stated. “Because of this, Erangel and Miramar will always be available with the remaining maps cycling in and out of the remaining three slots.”

Ranked play updates

Beginning with PUBG Season 11, ranked seasons will go on for periods of two months. This change means that seasons won’t overlap with Survivor Passes. Due to this, adjustments to the rewards system will also be made.     

The popularity of players using emblem rewards to showcase their recent achievements also means that the emblems and similar rewards will only be available in the same season. Meanwhile, skin rewards will still be permanent items. 

As for weapon spawn rates, they will increase in all maps. This will make the spawn rates more closely aligned with the game’s Esports mode. This will also reduce the time that players spend on looting.

Emergency Pickup item

The new Emergency Pickup item will let players move quickly to their next safe zone. When using the item, players can deploy a Fulton Balloon. After it gets deployed, an airplane will arrive in 60 seconds to pick the players up. 

The Emergency Pickup item. Image via Krafton, Inc.

Up to a total of four players can travel using the Fulton Balloon. It will carry players toward the White Zone until they decide to parachute out. 

As for where to find the Emergency Pickup item, it can be looted on the Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok and Vikendi maps. 

In-game accomplishments 

For PUBG players who like to showcase their in-game accomplishments, they will be able to do so with 10 new Mastery Medals. 

Instead of only being rewarded for kills, the new Mastery Medals will commemorate different playstyles and combat situations. For example, players can earn medals by taking down an entire enemy squad or by working well with teammates. 

The new Mastery Medals. Image via Krafton, Inc.

These new Mastery Medals can only be gained in Ranked and Normal matches. They will not be available in Arcade, Custom, or Labs mode. 

PUBG Season 11 is scheduled to launch on March 31 for PC and April 8 for consoles. 

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