PUBG reveals new Rony pickup, but what about the Tuk-Tuk?

PUBG reveals new Rony pickup, but what about the Tuk-Tuk?

The time has come for PUBG to add a new vehicle to the mix! This time, the vehicle is only available on Sanhok (sorry, Xbox One players).

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The new Rony pickup truck — an exciting, versatile four-wheeler — adds to the fast-paced gameplay on Sanhok. The Rony can tackle hilly landscapes and transport up to four passengers, although two passengers will be in the trailer.

There is already a pickup truck available on all maps. The only difference I can find is the speed, judging by the Rony trailer posted on PUBG‘s Twitter. The Rony has much more of a sports car attitude and is a cross between the pickup and the Mirado muscle car released some weeks ago.

Why add another vehicle?

Vehicles in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds have garnered mixed opinions as to whether they should be included, or if more variations should be added. In my experience, I would have lost more games in the zone if it weren’t for the vehicles.

It’s the different variations of vehicles that keep the game a bit more exciting. Especially this thing:

Current vehicles on Sanhok

The current vehicles available on the Sanhok map are:
• Motorcycle
• Buggy
• Pickup
• Van
• PG-117 (Boat)
• Aquarail (Jetski)

There are scarce vehicles that can be located at certain areas of the map. Though, the Rony is an exclusive vehicle to Sanhok and nowhere else.

Which brings us swiftly onto the Tuk Tuk that was teased by PlayerUnknown himself last May.

What about the Tuk-Tuk and when will it be available?

If you’re not aware of the Tuk Tuk rumours, then allow me to clarify.

On May 26, PlayerUnknown posted an early version of the Tuk-Tuk model on his personal Twitter.

Whether or not this could be a reference to the Far Cry or Just Cause franchises, or if it was just a newly generated idea for PUBG, we have not yet been informed. The vehicle would be an amusing addition to the already tense matches on Sanhok. It’s safe to say, the Tuk-Tuk could be a fan favourite.

How will the Rony pickup handle?

Judging by the gameplay featured in the video clip, the new Rony seems to be fast and ready for roughed-up action. Not only does the vehicle look battered and scratched but the video clip also shows explosions and jumps to promote the new vehicle as the ultimate action hero in Sanhok.

And since we’ve mentioned the Tuk-Tuk, we may as well predict the physics and handling upon the release. Well, do we need to? It’s got three wheels and is notorious for driving tourists around a busy city so what makes it appropriate for Sanhok? Maybe that’s the point. PUBG is portrayed as a serious combat game, but the developers are trying to branch out with new ideas to break that stereotype and add some humour to rounds as well.

When will the Rony be available?

There is not a specific date for the Rony’s release yet, although the Twitter post mentioned it will be among other additions in the next test server release, therefore we shouldn’t need to wait too long to play around in a new vehicle!

We’d love to hear your thoughts. Let us know what you think of these two vehicles.