Exclusive PUBG merch drops after new partnership with JINX clothing

Exclusive PUBG merch drops after new partnership with JINX clothing

Have you ever wanted to grab yourself some merch to expose your love for PUBG? Well, now you can! Recently, PUBG partnered with JINX and exclusive clothing is now available to buy.

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The announcement went out of PUBG‘s official Twitter page earlier today.

Modeled by some of the most popular PUBG content creators, the JINX website features all kinds of loot. Shroud and Just9n also jumped on board to promote the new venture, and it’s safe to say that the merch should sell like hotcakes due to the streamers’ large following.

How to Buy PUBG Merch

To grab yourself some exclusive loot, simply head over to the JINX website and find “PUBG AirDrop.” The page has a limited range of designs and slogans printed on premium t-shirts and hoodies.

As of right now, the page has a limited amount of t-shirt designs and only two keyrings. Whether or not there are plans on dropping more loot each week or month, we’re yet to know but it would be nice to see exclusive weekly loot just like we do in-game. It would also be interesting if the in-game loot was to match the merch.

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Let us know in the comments what you think of PUBG merch – is it a good idea and will you be grabbing some for yourself? We’d love to hear from you!