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PUBG Esports
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PUBG Esports reveal roadmap for 2021 championships

PUBG Esports laid out its plans going forward for the PUBG Global Championships, focusing on the keywords “players,” “fans” and “the global community.”

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Their initiative will involve greater accessibility for fans as well as efforts to show appreciation for their support of the championships. Some of these efforts involve new forms of monetization, which will benefit the professional teams involve thanks to proposed revenue sharing.

Viewership accessibility and rewarding participants

PUBG Esports plans to incorporate more ways for viewers to get involved with the broadcast, including the ability to watch matches within the game itself. This is similar to what Fortnite started doing in 2019. Viewers will also be rewarded during streams and when participating in the Pick ‘Em challenges.

Players continue to receive accommodations for the COVID-19 pandemic and even larger prize pools than in the past. Teams will benefit more from PUBG Esports’ plans, too, thanks to new revenue sharing options that were not detailed in PUBG Esports’ post.

2021 tournament outline

There will be a total of four different esports tournaments this year. The first PUBG Global Invitational is set for later in February. Additionally, the PUBG Continental Series went so well, according to PUBG Esports, that they will continue in 2021.

PCS 4 is set for June and PCS5 will take place in September. To wrap up the end of PUBG’s esports season the PUBG Global Championship will be held in November. To qualify, teams must earn points during events in their respective regions. Additional ways to qualify in certain regions include a wildcard system and third-party events.

These tournaments will all be held online, like last year, in four regions: Europe, Asia, Asia Pacific, and The Americas. One key changes is that the North American region has been expanded to include Latin America, hence why it is now called “The Americas.” The selection process for participating teams has also been expanded alongside the number of matches planned. Third-party events will supplement these events to give the  PUBG Esports community more to watch.

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