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The PUBG devs recently announced that dynamic weather would return to the Erangel map. During the game’s first release, players on the Erangel map would have to brave through onslaughts of heavy fog and rain from time to time.

Erangel dynamic weather addition

“A storm is brewing on the battlegrounds, so prepare to bring the thunder when you drop into Update 4.2,” says the narrator in the PUBG Patch Report video. “Meteorologists are calling for a wide variety of weather conditions to hit Erangel, and no amount of doppler is going to save you from the hail of gunfire and, well, actual hail coming your way. So loot up, load out, and let’s jump into Season 4, Update 2.”

With the recently released Erangel rework, developers will be implementing the highly fan-requested dynamic weather system. The weather conditions that will pop up include fog, thunderstorms, heavy wind, and rain. The weather patterns will be in effect on certain parts of the map in periods of a few minutes each. As mentioned in the video, the fog will help obstruct opponents looking to advance on your location. However, it is also bad for visibility when trying to spot players stealthily moving around.

PUBG Season 4, Update 2

Another part of the update that ties into the dynamic weather is the addition of destructible objects. Things like roadblocks, pylons, or barricades will now break after a few hits. Before the update, these items acted similar to buildings and were indestructible shielding for players. Other updates include improved vehicle stabilization and improved visibility while on bikes.

The PUBG Survivor Battle Pass titled “Aftermath” is still available. Nine weeks are left for players to complete missions, earn experience, and finish levels to earn cosmetic rewards. Other cosmetics have also been added for purchase with the update.

PUBG has improved so much compared to the bugs and issues that were seen in earlier updates. What other additions would you like to see in the game?