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Psyonix is sailing towards hot water again as the community begins to grow impatient with the lack of significant updates and communication. Psyonix has now addressed the community’s complaints with promises and explanations.

Since the game went free-to-play in September of 2020, the community has been waiting for significant updates. However, Psyonix disagrees that there have been no updates to the game, despite admitting that the in-game shop updates outpace any new features. In a Reddit post they addressed some of the complaints, while also explaining where their resources are distributed and when to expect more information.

Psyonix promises news on Rocket League Season 4 in early August

While Psyonix did not spill the beans on any upcoming features, they did give the players a window for when to expect more news.

“We’ll be talking about what’s coming with Season 4 in early August,” the studio’s statement said. “A ton of community-requested stuff is incoming, including Tournament improvements, tweaks to casual and competitive playlists, several brand new LTMs, adjustments to game bans, and some really cool stuff coming to the Esports Shop and RLCS.”

Season 3 is set to end on Aug. 11. With just two weeks to go until then, it’s not unlikely that Tuesday, Aug. 3 is the date players will learn more about Season 4.

It has also been a while since the Esports Shop has had any significant updates, although the competitive community is more interested in actual esports features entering the game. Fans have repeatedly mentioned their desire for in-game standings, schedules, streams, POVs and more. So far, the esports side of things leaves something to be desired and fans are hoping that for RLCS Season 11, Psyonix will finally listen to the community’s complaints and suggestions.

Voice chat and new tournaments are on the way

One thing Psyonix did confirm is that they are working on fixing the in-game voice chat system. Voice chat in Rocket League has been broken since the game’s inception. With the F2P update, Psyonix adjusted some default settings and which disabled the default voice chat setting entirely.

The community argues that without a working voice chat system, the game will struggle to reach its full potential.

Another welcome addition to the game were tournaments. With new rewards and scheduled events, tournaments finally got the upgrade players were waiting for. The players are now hoping that Psyonix will do more with the feature, such as a 2v2 mode, Hoops and more. In the comments of the Reddit thread, Psyonix employee Devin Connors confirmed that they have heard what the players want and that more modes “are in the mix.”

Psyonix acknowledges the players’ frustration with the lack of communication and content and aims to remedy that. However, the studio does claim that they are hard at work at “Rocket League, Rocket League Sideswipe, and related initiatives that we aren’t ready to talk about yet.”