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The professional Fortnite community is up in arms over controller aim assist. At release, Fortnite‘s cross-platform structure meant players could play with their friends and family on different platforms. To give both console players and PC users an even playing field, Epic Games implemented aim assist.

In short, aim assist is a first-person shooter game feature that helps players line up shots easier. When a player aims, the software adjusts the crosshair to where the game thinks it’s supposed to be. In Fortnite, this means the crosshair automatically may snap to the enemy’s body or head. In theory, leveling the playing field between controller and mouse-and-keyboard players is admirable. However, now, players see the Fortnite feature gives an advantage to controller players.

Fortnite controller players take the lead

Recently, professional Fortnite player Turner “Tfue” Ellis exposed how overpowered aim assist has made controller players. On Twitter, Tfue posted a screenshot of the top 13 Fortnite players in North America. Notably, every player on the leaderboard uses a controller. To clarify, professional players have no issue with console players using aim assist. Instead, their anger stems from PC players using a controller and taking advantage of aim assist.

Additionally, Tfue went on to say the software “ruined Fortnite” for mouse and keyboard players.

Similarly, Fortnite‘s Aydan “Aydan” Conrad, famed controller player, agrees aim assist is overpowered.  In reply to Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, Aydan said, “Controller on PC w/ Linear is just too strong right now.” He then suggested other methods Epic could integrate to make the game fairer for console players.

In response to the outrage, Ninja said it’s up to professional players to share their opinion and that competitive players of the highest level need to be vocal to Epic about balancing the game.

How Epic Games intends to handle Fortnite‘s aim assist moving forward is unknown. We can expect players across all skill levels to continue to share their thoughts on the topic.

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