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The third decklist of Commander 2019 has been revealed! This time it’s the Naya populate deck. This one is full of powerful token generators and makers. In addition, it has a bunch of great reprints. There’s a long list to get through, so let’s jump right into it!



MTG Commander 2019 spoilers - Primal Genesis - Garruk, Primal Hunter

Garruk is a fantastic planeswalker to reprint for the deck. His abilities give you tokens and card draw in one neat package. A fantastic addition to the deck overall.


MTG Commander 2019 spoilers - Primal Genesis - Vitu-Ghazi Guildmage

The creatures reprinted in the deck work well with the token strategy. Most create large tokens that are ideal populate targets. However, none of these creatures are huge standouts for value. It’s a bit disappointing, considering the opportunity to put some value in this slot.


Shamanic Revelation

The sorceries included provide some excellent utility for the deck. Boardwipes, card draw, and ramp are all essentials for any commander deck. These sorceries do exactly that and help to make this pre-con playable right out of the box.


Second Harvest

Instants included here give the deck some utility removal along with additional card draw. There’s not an insane amount of value here, but all are welcome inclusions for the playability they bring to the deck.


Mimic Vat

Sol Ring and Lightning Greaves are expected reprints that help to raise the power level of the deck significantly. They also had a significant amount of value as well. Mimic Vat and Soul Foundry help you make more tokens, so those make sense in the deck.


MTG Commander 2019 spoilers - Primal Genesis - Elemental Bond

Elemental Bond is a great reprint, but many players were most likely hoping for a reprinting of the popular Doubling Season. Nevertheless, it’s good to see a small bit of value here.


Krosan Verge

The lands overall contribute to a solid mana base, much like the other pre-cons we’ve seen so far. There are a lot of tapped lands in this deck, though, so if you plan on purchasing you may want to consider upgrading the mana base. Either way, it is consistent enough to be playable, albeit a bit slow.

New Cards

  • 1 Ghired, Conclave Exile
  • 1 Atla Palani, Nest Tender
  • 1 Marisi, Breaker of the Coil
  • 1 Commander’s Insignia
  • 1 Doomed Artisan
  • 1 Song of the Worldsoul
  • 1 Ghired’s Belligerence
  • 1 Tectonic Hellion
  • 1 Full Flowering
  • 1 Ohran Frostfang
  • 1 Selesnya Eulogist
  • 1 Tahngarth, First Mate
  • 1 Idol of Oblivion
  • 1 Cliffside Rescuer
  • 1 Hate Mirage
  • 1 Voice of Many
  • 1 Scaretiller

Once again, the new cards included in this set are really good, but it’s hard to pick out a couple that stand out above the others. In fact, they all could get their own article in many ways. Instead, I’ll just highlight a couple that stood out particularly to me.

Song of the Worldsoul essentially gives all your spells populate. I’m sure there’s a sweet combo you can pull off with this, or just play it for value.

Marisi, Breaker of the Coil can act as a lockout piece if done correctly. If you’re able to attack every turn and keep your opponent’s creatures from having haste, you’ll never be attacked for the entire game.


Is the populate pre-con worth buying? Overall, I’d say it has the least amount of value out of the decks we’ve seen so far. However, the deck is definitely playable and provides plenty of staples. If tokens are your thing, I’d recommend it.

What do you think of the deck? Are there any cards you wish were included? Let us know down in the comments below!

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