Fortnite Preferred Item Slots for Chapter 2 - Season 7
preferred item slots fortnite
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The best settings for Preferred Item Slots in Fortnite Season 7

The best settings for one of Fortnite's latest features
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Overnight, Epic Games decided to implement one of the Fortnite community’s most-requested features. The Preferred Item Slots setting is now accessible in Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 7. The feature essentially allows players to pick which weapons or items go into which slot in the inventory. Players have anticipated the arrival of the setting for some time, as it cuts down on unnecessary inventory management.

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While many players have waited for the Preferred Item Slots setting to arrive in Fortnite, some don’t know what items they should set each slot to. There’s a wide variety of choices and picking the wrong slot for a specific weapon could make the difference in a gunfight. Luckily, there’s a consensus on what the best settings are for the new feature in Season 7.

Best settings for the Preferred Item Slots in Fortnite

Though there does seem to be a consensus, players should mix and match with different settings. The best setting is subjective to each individual player, as many Fortnite veterans likely have a system in place for their inventory. Messing with that to match what others call the “best settings” could undo years of muscle memory.

However, if players are still looking for the best settings for their Preferred Item Slots, here’s our setup:

  • Slot 1: Shotgun
  • Slot 2: Assault Rifle
  • Slot 3: Sniper Rifle/SMG
  • Slot 4: Deployable Items
  • Slot 5: Consumable Items

These slot choices have some logic behind them. The first slot goes to the shotgun because it’s arguably the weapon players equip most in a gunfight. More often than not, players run with their assault rifle or pickaxe in hand. This means when an enemy gets close to a player, they can easily swap to their shotgun in the first slot.

The second and third slots equip weapons that most players wield when in the open or aiming at an enemy. They’re still easily accessible but aren’t pulled out as much when in immediate danger, like the shotgun is. Finally, the last two slots should be items that players use the least, or ones that aren’t needed immediately. Deployable items are in the fourth slot, because they might still be used in a pinch. This leaves the consumable items for the last slot, as most players don’t choose to heal in the middle of a gunfight.

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