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HyperX targets the casual gaming audience with Post Malone.

Hardware manufacturer HyperX has made some exciting announcements over the past 24 hours. We were lucky enough to catch up with HyperX at PAX Australia to chat about their brand, esports, celebrities, and streamers.

HyperX signs Post Malone

Post Malone, sonic sound artist, becomes the first musician to be partnered with HyperX. HyperX said it’s all part of their move to target the more casual gaming audience. They already have NBA stars who signed on last year. Post Malone is part of HyperX’s next phase of celebrity media collaboration. HyperX told Daily Esports they are excited about the prospects of building out their brand:

We want to build out our brand more. We want it to be more like a lifestyle brand. There’s a much bigger audience we can target here and we can build our brand into something bigger.

Post Malone is a global superstar and it helps HyperX reach that larger audience. As part of the partnership, Post Malone will be featured in HyperX marketing and branding campaigns. Additionally, Post Malone will be integrating HyperX branding into his Twitch channel. Post is an avid Call of Duty player and will rep the brand on stream. HyperX will also be patroning Post Malone’s first-ever festival “Posty Fest.” The event will be in Dallas and will include a full roster of talented artists.

HyperX is super excited about the move and feels it’s a big part of their brand story:

We’re thrilled to welcome Post Malone to the HyperX family. As HyperX’s first endorsed musician, we’re confident Post’s talent, style, and incredible passion for gaming will play an essential part in our ongoing brand story.

HyperX — a Global Brand

The signing of Post Malone is just one of the many moves HyperX is making into the casual gaming audience. Along with the musician, HyperX has been working with many content creators. PAX Australia is a key example of this. The brand not only featured pro players at their booth, but streamers too. HyperX believes the community responds well to streamers.

These guys [Lachlan and Muselk] are in the global audience space. We can expand our reach through them and reach a bigger audience. Streamers take a different approach than pro gamers. They know how to interact with the fans, and they are our target market.

Alongside streamers, HyperX talked about the move to casual gaming. Whilst they will continue to work with and support esports pro players, they believe the casual gaming market is a perfect target for them:

We’re seeing the rise of games like Fortnite and we’re tapping into that.

The company is building products for this market. Portable keyboards, wireless headsets, official PS4 headsets, and earbuds are just some of the many products they have released. And at this point, nearly their entire range of products has RGB lights in some form. Furthermore, HyperX is continuing to produce products for the console market.

It’s exciting to see HyperX take this step towards casual gamers. Keep an eye out for more great news from PAX Australia.