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Imane “Pokimane” Anys released her own personal statements regarding Federico “Fedmyster” Michael Gaytan and Offline TV on stream. Her response comes after two roommates of hers, Lily “LilyPichu” Ki and Yvonne “Yvonne” Ng both released their stories regarding Fedmyster’s sexual harassment. He has since been removed from the Offline TV house and the group as a whole.

Pokimane starts the video by explaining her close, yet complicated, relationship with Fed. She states that he was one of her closest friends within the house and would share personal thoughts/feelings with him. She then discusses the first time that he broke her trusts, making her unable to share personal information with him again. Fed had allegedly told a guy Pokimane was interested in that they were together romantically. However, she stresses in the video that they have never been anything more than good friends. She would go on to find out that Fed had told multiple different guys prior that they were romantically together.

This was the start of several lies that Pokimane found out about regarding Fed. In addition to lying, he would apparently also avoid her whenever they fought, ignoring her existence. She clarified that she never wanted to talk negatively about Fed and would often not talk about him inside their friend group.

Pokimane speaks for Just Friends

Just Friends is a YouTube group similar to Offline TV and features many of Offline TV’s closest friends. Some of the girls from Just Friends asked for Pokimane to speak on their behalf regarding Fed. She explained that whenever Fed wasn’t at the Offline TV house, he would go over to the Just Friends house. Here, he would invade the girls’ privacy and constantly talk bad about Yvonne after she confronted him.

Pokimane also clarifies that she did not have the same sexual harassment allegations that LilyPichu and Yvonne had. However, she wanted to clarify that she felt Fed and she had a toxic relationship. This relationship has made her want to move out of the Offline TV house multiple times in the past.

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