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Imane “Pokimane” Anys has become co-founder and chief creative officer of a new talent management and brand consulting firm, that focuses on gaming and esports, known as RTS.

On Oct. 27, RTS officially launched with popular streamer and content creator Pokimane at its helm. Pokimane is best known for her Twitch streams which consist of VALORANT, League of Legends, Among Us and Fortnite. She currently has over 30 million followers across her social network and is a prominent figure in the gaming industry. Additionally, Pokimane is one of the founding members of OfflineTV. She is also a Forbes 30 under 30 recipient and the creator of the University of California Irvine esports scholarship.

RTS was founded with the goal of fixing the gaming and esports scene by evolving the creator business model. This includes avoiding bad brand deals and developing sound esports strategies for companies. RTS was formed around people in talent management, brand consulting and gaming expertise.

“I keep seeing amazing creators that are doing wonders with their content and streams, but they don’t have the support to grow their brand and business operations,” Pokimane stated in the announcement of RTS. “They’re spinning their wheels on basic stuff and taking a lot of frustrating partnership deals that don’t work out for either party involved. I’ve gone through the wringer with these experiences, and we’re building RTS to be able to provide the support, alleviate the workload, and solve this for creators, developers and brands. My goal is to take my years of experience and make it accessible to newer creators so they don’t need to go through the process I have endured.”

Pokimane joins an a-list team on RTS

Pokimane isn’t the only well-known name on the RTS roster. Edison Park, another member of OfflineTV, is joining the team as the Talent Manager with experience building out consumer strategy on the product management teams at Microsoft. Additionally, former Co-founder and COO of Twitch Kevin Lin has joined as an additional advisor to the team.

RTS will bring the professionalism that esports and gaming are currently lacking on the whole. As one of the biggest figures in the esports and gaming scene, Pokimane has the resources and audience to tackle the poor decisions being made in the industry by creators.

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