Pokémon UNITE teases unnamed subscription service
Pokémon UNITE subscription service
The new service will cost $8.99 a month. | Provided by Pokémon UNITE

Pokémon UNITE teases unnamed subscription service

$8.99 gets players items and Aeos gems galore

Pokémon UNITE has returned with an update, introducing a new subscription program that gives paying players access to exclusive content. The service unnamed so far, but it will feature exclusive Holowear Skins, free licenses for Pokémon and custom chat bubbles.

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While there has been no official announcement on the English account, a banner has been released in Japanese with all of the information regarding the details of the subscription service. The “UNITE membership” will cost players $8.99 a month and provide high value to players to play daily.

The UNITE membership will provide:

  • A special Holowear of the month.
  • A weekly drop of two UNITE licenses.
  • Players can try any two sets of Holowear on a weekly basis.
  • Members get special chat balloons and special icon frames.
  • Players get an overall 10% discount if purchased with in-game currency (Aeos Ticket/Coins).
  • Players will get 40 gems a day for logging in.

The most important part of the subscription model is the free 40 Aeos gems a day, the currency that players would usually have to buy in order to get the most exclusive Holowear skins. If a player logs in every day, on average, they will be able to purchase a 1200 Aeos gem skin at the end of the month. The additional 10% discount would mean that any player would be able to purchase the most expensive tier of Holowear Skin if they log in every day.

The release of the membership also comes with new events for players to earn new items. One event involves completing quests in order to gain free skins for Trevenant and Eldegoss. Players can also gain ranked rewards that will provide them with a knight-themed Mamoswine skin. Finally, a daily reward quest that was reminiscent of the previous Cramorant walk. Instead, players now log in and water a tree in order to get daily rewards.

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