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New Pokémon UNITE players will have the chance to complete the Beginner Challenge until Aug. 20. By completing each of the daily missions, players can receive in-game rewards. This culminates with obtaining the Unite License for Crustle.

To complete all of the Day 7 missions, the player must block at least one goal. Here’s how any player can block a goal in Pokémon UNITE and get one step closer to completing the Beginner Challenge.

What is blocking?

Blocking simply refers to the action of interrupting an opposing Pokémon as they try to score. Therefore, landing a hit and dealing damage to the opponent is all it takes for a player to block a goal in Pokémon UNITE.

Many factors determine how easy it will be for a player to block an opponent’s goal. The more points an enemy is trying to score with one goal, the longer it will take them to charge up the score. Likewise, the more points an opponent is trying to score at one time, the more time the player will have to block them.

However, one single Pokémon may have a hard time blocking multiple enemies at once. While blocking one opponent is all it takes to complete the Beginner Challenge mission, the player may still want to call in back up to best defend their goal against a group of multiple Pokémon from the other team.

The Score Shield is another major obstacle a player may encounter when trying to block a goal in Pokémon UNITE. This Held Item grants Pokémon with a shield equal to a certain percentage of their overall health whenever they try to score. As a result, it will take extra hits to break through the Score Shield and block an opponent holding this item.

Snorlax uses Block to push back and stun an enemy Machamp.
Snorlax could use Block to block an opponent attempting to score. | Provided by Pokémon UNITE YouTube.

Who to use to block a goal in Pokémon UNITE

Ranged attackers can be especially useful for blocking goals, as they can safely poke at opponents from a distance, preventing opponents from scoring while also keeping themselves out of danger. A player could also block a goal with one of the Speedsters in Pokémon UNITE, as these characters can quickly dash in, land a hit and dash away to stay safe.

Conversely, Defenders like Snorlax and Slowbro can also be helpful when blocking. Because of their high Endurance stats, they can engage in fights with enemies attempting to score without fear of being easily killed themselves. In addition, Snorlax has a move, appropriately named Block, which can push opponents away from the goal. With this attack, Snorlax can pull off multiple blocks at once, while also making it harder for the opposing team to get back to the goal and try to score again.