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how to beat giovanni

Pokemon GO: How to beat Giovanni (November 2023)

The boss of Team GO Rocket, Giovanni, returns to Pokémon GO following the arrival of the “Showdown in the Shadows” research mission.

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This quest was added to Pokémon GO with the October 26 update to the game. Completing this set of research missions allows the player to face Giovanni as well as capture one of his powerful shadow Pokémon. The Shadow Pokémon in question is Regigigas.

For those looking to snag Shadow Regigigas, it’s best done sooner rather than later, as there will likely be another Team Rocket refresh in the coming months that’ll swap out Regigigas for a new Shadow Legendary Pokemon. That being said, facing Giovanni is no easy task as his team contains other powerful Shadow Pokemon. Here is Giovanni’s current team and the best counters to beat it.

Giovanni’s Team (November 2023)

As of November 2023, Giovanni’s current lineup in Pokémon GO is as follows:

  • Persian
  • Nidoking / Kingler / Garchomp
  • Regigigas

Giovanni’s lineup changes every time a new event or series of missions is released revolving around battling him, and he will always send out his Pokémon in this order.

how to beat giovanni
Persian | Image: Niantic and Pokémon GO

Pokemon #1: Persian

Persian Best Counters:

  • Terrakion – Sacred Sword (Fast Move), Rock Slide (Charged Move)
  • Lucario – Counter (Fast Move), Power Up Punch (Charged Move)

Pokemon #2: Nidoking / Kingler/ Garchomp

how to beat giovanni
Nidoking | Image: Niantic and Pokemon GO

Giovanni’s second Pokemon can vary between either Nidoking, Kingler or Garchomp. Here are some of the best choices to take down each of these Pokemon.

Nidoking Best Counters:

  • Kyogre – Waterfall (Fast Move), Surf (Charged Move)
  • Swampert – Mud Shot (Fast Move), Hydro Cannon (Charged Move)

Kingler Best Counters:

  • Kartana – Razor Leaf (Fast Move), Leaf Blade (Charged Move)
  • Raikou – Thunder Shock (Fast Move), Wild Charge (Charged Move)

Garchomp Best Counters:

  • Togekiss – Charm (Fast Move), Dazzling Gleam (Charged Move)
  • Sylveon – Charm (Fast Move), Moonblast (Charged Move)

Pokemon #3: Regigigas

how to beat giovanni
Giovanni’s final Pokemon, Shadow Regigigas | Image: Niantic and Pokemon GO

The final Pokémon of Giovanni’s team will be his strongest, the aforementioned Shadow Regigigas. Defeating Regigigas will conclude the battle and allow the player to capture to capture it.

Regigigas Best Counters:

  • Machamp – Counter (Fast Move), Cross Chop (Charged Move)
  • Keldeo – Low Kick (Fast Move), Sacred Sword (Charged Move)
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