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Sony has unveiled a brand new attachment for its PlayStation DualShock 4 controller. Aptly named the “Back Button Attachment”, the new addition provides two extra buttons on the backside of the DualShock controller.

This news comes just a day after renowned controller kings SCUF Gaming announced their merger with hardware giant Corsair. SCUF was among the first companies to make buttons for the backside of PlayStation and Xbox controllers. However, the price point for a standard SCUF is far more expensive than what Sony is offering for their new attachment. The Back Button Attachment is set to release worldwide on Jan. 23.

PlayStation entering enhanced controller market

Since the inception of PlayStation, the DualShock controller has been the main design for Sony. However, as time went on, players started wanting something more from their controller. This desire created the enhanced controller, which features some extra additions to the base DualShock controller.

SCUF Gaming were the pioneers of this design, adding two paddles to the back of a DualShock. These acted as extra buttons, which could be remapped to any input on the controller. However, players mainly used the paddles to keep their fingers on the joystick at all times.

Other companies have entered the market, such as Battle Beaver, but SCUF remains the most-used product by gaming professionals. Sony, obviously noticing this, has apparently decided to enter this market as well.

Their new Back Button Attachment will act the same as a SCUF. However, the Back Button Attachment features an OLED Screen to tell you exactly which input is on each button. Both of the buttons are totally remappable, something SCUF charges extra for. The attachment simply slides onto the belly of the controller through the wireless headphone jack.

However, perhaps the biggest difference between the two lies in their prices. Sony will launch the Back Button Attachment at $30. The most basic SCUF, along with shipping, costs around $135-140. After years of dominating the market despite their steep prices, SCUF may finally have some true competition.

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