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Two new FPS games, Apex Legends and Rainbow Six: Siege, are joining the fold in the PlayStation Tournaments: Open Series, Sony announced today.

Apex Legends and Rainbow Six: Siege bring the total of supported games in the PlayStation Tournaments: Open Series to 19, with more than 16,350 tournaments held globally for the competitive community. Players of all skill levels can enter these tournaments and win prizes.

Apex Legends joins the PlayStation Tournaments: Open Series

Apex Legends is currently in its tenth season. There will be monthly prizing up to $400, but even just finishing in first place in the open qualifiers will earn players some pocket money.

Those that compete in (and complete) any of the four open qualifiers, but finish below top 40%, will still earn an in-game PlayStation Tournaments Base Theme and Avatar. In the Monthly Final, first place will earn $400, second place will earn $300, third place will earn $200 and fourth place will earn $100.

How to compete:

To compete, players can simply sign up at the PlayStation Competition Center. Players will be dropped into a tournament where no team will be eliminated until Round 4. After that, players will have to have earned enough points to progress. Round 1 is always seeded randomly. In the match details, players will receive a code for a private lobby where the event will take place. Four weekly Open Qualifiers will be held throughout every month, leading into the Monthly Final for teams that have earned enough points throughout the qualifiers. The first event will happen on Sept. 1.

Rainbow Six: Siege

The game mode for Rainbow Six: Siege in the PlayStation Tournaments: Open Series is TDM Bomb. Like Apex Legends, Rainbow Six Siege Open Qualifiers happen weekly. Finishing in first place in the open qualifiers will net a player’s team $250. These open qualifiers will employ a Swiss format of five teams, where the top teams will make it into the monthly final. For Europe and North America, players will have to reach top eight in any weekly qualifier. For APAC, Middle East and South America, top 16 is enough.

The Monthly Final rewards first-place finishers with $500, while second place earns $375. Third place gets $250 and fourth place receives $125. Fifth to eighth place will be rewarded with 6,000 Rainbow Six Credits. Meanwhile, everyone else will get a Champions Theme & Avatar.

How to compete:

Signing up for a Rainbow Six: Siege tournament is not yet possible. But, according to Sony, the first PlayStation Tournaments: Open Series for Rainbow Six: Siege will happen on Sept. 2. So, players should keep an eye on the official event page.

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