PlayStation 5 console design revealed along with disc-less Digital Edition
Sony PS5 Digital Edition

PlayStation 5 console design revealed along with disc-less Digital Edition

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Sony revealed the first real look at the upcoming PlayStation 5 along with a ton of next-gen titles for the system. In a showcase called “The Future of Gaming,” Sony showed off the new console’s design for the first time. Sony also revealed a digital, disc-less version of the PlayStation 5 called the Digital Edition.

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PlayStation 5 design revealed

Sony described the sleek new design as “bold, stunning, and unlike any previous generation” of consoles from Sony. The design is a pretty big departure from previous PlayStation designs. With clean white casing, a black center, and blue lighting, the PlayStation 5 is already working to distance itself from previous console generations. Thankfully, the PlayStation 5 can be laid down horizontally. It does not have to stand on end if you don’t want it to.

Earlier this year Sony released the hardware specs for the PlayStation 5 and the details of the DualSense controller. The console will feature an Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive, and while the Digital Edition does not have a drive, gameplay will be the same.

Along with the console, Sony revealed several accessories to enhance your gaming experience: the Pulse 3D headset, an HD camera, and a charging station for the DualSense controller that can hold two controllers. All the accessories shown match the same black and white color scheme of the console. None of the items came with prices unfortunately; all of that will come at a later date.

No release date has been revealed yet, but Sony said to expect more information as we get closer to the launch window. Whether or not there will be a price difference between the regular PlayStation 5 and the Digital Edition has not yet been revealed either. As we get closer to the release of the PlayStation 5, make sure to check in with Daily Esports for all your gaming news.

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