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The Philadelphia Fusion have been eliminated from the Overwatch League Grand Finals weekend. Initially, they entered the weekend as the second American team to qualify. However, they lost twice, knocking them out first. With their harsh loss to Shanghai yesterday, this elimination was bound to happen.

Philadelphia vs. Seoul

The Fusion played against the Dynasty earlier.

Earlier today, the first match was the Fusion versus the Dynasty. This match was win or go home for both teams, but one team showed their strength while the other fell apart. From the start, Busan was Seoul showing their dominance, sweeping it 2-0. The Fusion made the next two maps much closer, as both King’s Row and Temple of Anubis were won by one point. In the end, the Dynasty won both those maps and led to the Philadelphia Fusion’s elimination without a map to their name.

The future of the Fusion

Consistently, the Fusion have showed top tier skill in the Overwatch League. But, they’ve consistently lost their most important games, ever since the first season. They achieved second place in the first season’s Grand Finals, losing to the London Spitfire. Furthermore, this year they finished second in the entire league, above the champion San Francisco Shock. Also, they reached the finals of two tournaments this year, but failed to win in both. Fans of the game have recognized their skill, but also their lack of tournament wins. This was no more disappointing than seeing their performance this weekend. In retrospect, the coaching was questionable, and it showed in their matches against Shanghai and Seoul.

However, the good news for the Fusion is they can improve. Their coaching and roster is still very solid, but might need some changes. This team’s issue ever since their inception has been those championship games. If they can finally get over that hump, the Fusion will be a team to fear next year.