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Early access to The King of Fighters XV launched for a number of PlayStation and Xbox players on Monday. However, PC players were notably excluded from this limited-time promotion.

In order to qualify for early access, players had to pre-order the Deluxe Edition of The King of Fighters XV. However, it only applies for pre-orders on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S. As a result, the early access bonus is not available for players who purchase the game on Steam or the Epic Games Store, even if they pre-ordered it.

Some PC players have taken to Twitter to lament the privileges they cannot share with their console brethren. While console players can wake up to the surprise of a new game, PC players must live as “outcasts” for at least the next few days.

“This day is pain,” @EhasanDTT said on Twitter. “It reminds me that I’m just different and not part of the same group while everyone else feels loved. I stand with my fellow outcasts being Steam players who do not get to play The King of Fighters XV out now on early access for PlayStation owners but not PC.”

One Twitter user went to SNK Corporation directly, asking why PC players can’t receive early access to The King of Fighters XV like console players, even after pre-ordering the Deluxe Edition. Still, another recognized that there’s money to be saved without the incentive to buy the Deluxe Edition. After all, this version of the game will cost players $84.99, as opposed to $59.99 for the regular game.

“I was bummed out that I can’t afford to get King of Fighters 15 at the moment, since the early access for getting the deluxe edition is a thing,” said @ThatAndyGuy online. “But then I just saw that it doesn’t mean squat for PC folks as per usual, so really I’m not missing out, lol!”

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Although PC players can not compete in The King of Fighters XV for the time being, there is still potential for them to take advantage of the early access period. A number of streamers are already streaming the game on Twitch to thousands of viewers. As a result, PC players can at least watch others play to get an early understanding of how the game works.

In any case, PC players will not have to wait long to get their hands on SNK’s latest fighting game. The game will launch for all players on Thursday. But, anyone who does have early access to The King of Fighters XV will have an interesting way to spend their Valentine’s Day in the meantime.

“King of Fighters XV dropping on Valentine’s Day for people that got early access is kinda funny to me,” @samethetrashcann said. “Like imagine you invite your gf/bf or whoever over just to make them play KOF, I would totally do that but I’m broke as shit rn.”

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