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After an incredible three days, PAX Aus comes to a close. The vibe at PAX 2019 was unlike any other. There were more games, more people, more content creators, and more noise. Australia often misses out on some of the bigger things, but PAX Aus 2019 proved otherwise. It was a great celebration of gaming and esports, with Red Bull Fight or Flight, abundant new games, and the League of Legends 10-year anniversary, among other highlights.

Red Bull Fight or Flight

The Red Bull Fight or Flight PUBG competition showed amateurs can compete. First qualifiers were held on the Red Bull Omen booth over the course of PAX Aus. Three amateur teams triumphed over 105 squads. These three squads have progressed to the grand finals, leaving only two qualifiers left for people to participate. The finals will be held on Nov. 2 in Sydney. Squads will be competing for a share of a prize pool valued at $45,000.

This competition is held in partnership with ESL, and they couldn’t be more excited. The Operations Manager of ESL Australia, Josh Inman, spoke about how this could easily be the “Big Bash” of esports:

Battle Royale’s success as a game genre has hinged off its ability to bottle and sell tension, and Red Bull Fight or Flight amplifies this twofold. The unique in-game settings for Red Bull Fight or Flight definitely leveled the playing field between amateur and seasoned players, with the fast-paced matches resulting in some epic gameplay. This format could easily become the ‘Big Bash’ of esports in the future.

The next qualifiers are set to take place this weekend online at ESL Play. If you are keen to participate, there’s still a chance to be involved!

New games on show at PAX Aus

PAX Aus is known for showcasing some of the latest and greatest games. People stood in lines for hours just to play PokémonFinal Fantasy VII RemakeDOOM, and so many more. Final Fantasy VII Remake looked like it had the longest line of them all. We don’t have any fancy pics to show you either since they kept everything under wraps. The game doesn’t get released until March next year.

Cyberpunk 2077 is one everyone was looking forward to. Instead of having a playable demo, the Cyberpunk team were showing new footage of the game. Fans went nuts just to get a poster of this game. It’s certainly going to be very popular!

League of Legends 10-year anniversary

It’s been all over the media! It’s the 10-year anniversary of League of Legends. Riot wanted to do something special to hype up the party. There were cosplayers walking around PAX Aus playing music, giving out pins, and providing photo opportunities. A limited edition pin was released to mark the occasion. Some fans were lucky enough to get their hands on this pin.

Some of us were even luckier. We got an exclusive look at some of the announcements coming during the 10-year anniversary. We won’t say anything more, but definitely tune into the official Twitch channel at 9 p.m. EST to hear all the goss. Plus tune into us as we’ll have a ton of content to share with you.

Content creators and brands

Creators and game celebrities have become huge! Brands like HyperX, Alienware, and Corsair leverage the power and following of creators. Many ticket holders came to PAX Aus just to meet their heroes. Creators had the chance to chill out in the Twitch lounge for some much needed down time.

That’s pretty much all we experienced at PAX Aus. Keep an eye out for the highly anticipated League of Legends announcements.

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