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Pauper has become one of the best new formats for Magic: The Gathering in a long time. Famously dubbed “legacy-lite,” Pauper boasts exciting gameplay and high power levels, despite being a format made up entirely of commons. Unlike other formats that were flashes in the pan, (We’re looking at you, Tiny Leaders.) Pauper has proved that it’s here to stay time and time again. Now, Wizards of the Coast has decided to officially sanction the format in paper and make some huge changes to reflect that. Let’s jump right into it!

Paper Pauper

With Wizards now supporting the format directly in paper, some gameplay and supportive features are now in effect. The format will now have unified legality and one ban list. If the card ever had a common printing in paper or on Magic Online, it’s eligible. However, before you break out the mono-blue combo decks, there are a few bannings to reflect this. Hymn to Tourach, Sinkhole, and Hide Tide are all banned (for obvious reasons). Gatherer and the official Magic: The Gathering site will also change to support the new format starting July 9.

Paper tournaments of Pauper are now sanctioned as well. That means your local game store can host Pauper events, as well as any larger tournament. Magic Online will also start hosting new leagues on July 2 featuring the format. If you want to read more about the changes or watch a video discussing the future of the format, check out the official announcement.

What do you plan on brewing with the new Pauper format? Are you going to start playing it now that local game stores can host official tournaments, or have you been into it since the very beginning? Let us know down in the comments below, and be sure to check back with us for more Magic: The Gathering content!

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