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The Paris Eternal have signed American flex DPS player Cameron “wub” Johnson, formerly of American Tornado and Mayhem Academy, the team announced Wednesday.

After a long time in NA Contenders, wub built himself into a top prospect for the Overwatch League. With Overwatch 2’s focus on the DPS role and considering the Paris Eternal’s roster, wub became their third DPS player to add depth at the role.

Wub’s path to the Eternal

When wub first competed in NA Contenders for Second Wind in 2018, he was only sixteen years old. But before that, he had experience playing weekly tournaments in 2017. After fighting in both Open Division and NA Contenders, he made his mark on the success story that was Mayhem Academy. Alongside teammates like Liam “Mangachu” Campbell and Johannes “Shax” Nielsen, the team finished in the semi-finals for the first Contenders season in 2019.

When that team split apart, wub moved between teams like Revival and Skyfoxes before joining the Tier 2 team Drama Alert Nation. That roster made immediate moves, winning Open Division as well as the second season of NA Contenders in 2020.

That was when the team rebranded to American Tornado, and he stuck with the roster as they started their time at the top of NA Contenders. After their first Contenders win, they managed to win four more championships. Their run through the Tier 2 scene in 2021 was nothing short of the best in NA. Even as the team slowed down as 2021 ended, the players on the roster became hot commodities.

To prove that, every single player from the roster is now signed to an Overwatch League roster. Wub was the last to remain unsigned.

Paris’ future with wub

With the Eternal adding wub to their roster, the team is addressing a need for the current meta: Genji. To start in Overwatch 2, Genji is among the strongest heroes in the game alongside Soldier: 76. Wub’s signature hero is Genji, but he also has the flexibility to play both snipers and Ashe. Alongside the two DPS players already on the roster in Lim “Glister” Gil-seong and Nikolai “Naga” Dereli, wub adds a third option in case those two don’t work out.

At the same time, considering the way wub played on American Tornado alongside top prospects like Benjamin “UltraViolet” David, there is the chance he could elevate the play of the Eternal’s starting roster. Either way, time will tell how this American player fits on this mixed, mostly-European, roster in the Overwatch League.

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