Papa John's partners with upcoming Super Smash Bros. tournaments
A graphic showing the 12 majors that will be part of the Papa John's Super Smash Bros. sponsorship.
Provided by @BTSsmash via Twitter

Papa John’s partners with upcoming Super Smash Bros. tournaments

Five new Smash tournaments have been confirmed as part of the partnership

Pizza restaurant chain Papa John’s will partner with 12 major Super Smash Bros. tournaments throughout 2022, according to an announcement tweet from Beyond the Summit. The line-up of sponsored events includes five previously unannounced tournaments.

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“Did somebody order a SPECIAL announcement?” Beyond the Summit’s tweet said. “@PapaJohns is coming to Super Smash Bros. tournaments across America in 2022. Grab a slice and get ready… it’s gonna be a big year.”

Papa John’s itself has not yet released a public statement about the partnership. In addition, specific details about the sponsorship remain unclear, including whether Papa John’s will contribute money to tournament prize pools or if it will simply provide food for tournament attendees.

More about the Papa John’s Smash Bros. sponsorship

The following majors will be part of the Papa John’s Super Smash Bros. partnership:

  • Genesis 8: April 15-17
  • Low Tide City 2022: April 29-May 1
  • Smash Summit 13: May 12-15
  • Community Effort Orlando 2022: June 24-26
  • Shine 2022: August 26-28
  • Riptide 2022: September 9-11
  • Smash Ultimate Summit 5: September 15-18
  • The Big House 10: October 7-9
  • Smash Summit 14: November 3-6
  • Apex 2022: November 18-20
  • Mainstage 2022: December 2-4

“Better Brackets, Better Pizza, No Johns,” CEO 2022 organizer Alex Jebailey said in a quote tweet responding to the announcement. “But seriously happy to see a collective put together with @BTSsmash leading the way and including @CEOGaming into the mix. This is how big support starts when you work together.”

By sharing the Papa John’s announcement, Beyond the Summit officially announced three of its own Super Smash Bros. tournaments for the first time: Smash Ultimate Summit 5, Smash Summit 14 and Mainstage 2022.

The graphic Beyond the Summit shared also revealed the dates for two other previously unannounced tournaments: Shine 2022 and Riptide 2022. According to a statement from the Shine Twitter account, more details about Shine 2022 will come during Genesis 8 next weekend.

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