Pantheon just dropped in Teamfight Tactics and already needs a nerf

Pantheon just dropped in Teamfight Tactics and already needs a nerf

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League of Legends champion Pantheon just received an overhaul, complete with new skins and a flashy new ultimate. Now it seems the Unbreakable Spear is ready for bigger and better things. That’s right: Pantheon is coming to Teamfight Tactics.

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The official League of Legends Twitter account posted a brief announcement about the move yesterday. It teases the basics, namely that Pantheon is a Guardian Dragon champion. What it doesn’t show, however, is exactly how powerful his Grand Starfall ability can be.

So I tried out Pantheon with 6 Sorcerers on PBE and…
byu/cullenmccormick inTeamfightTactics

That’s right: up to 3,600 damage with massive area of effect. PBE players have already discovered how to turn Pantheon into a pre-nerf Sorcerer Cho’Gath-level showstopper. However, it’s important to note that the video shows Pantheon in a 6-Sorcerer composition and with a Rabadon on. Even so, Grand Starfall is a bit crazy in its current form, especially considering how tanky Guardian teams are.

And as both a Guardian and a Dragon, Pantheon himself is seriously tanky. Being heavily resistant to both spell and physical damage, he is one Warmog’s Armor from being essentially indestructible. His toughness, combined with his massive burst damage, spells impending nerfs for the new champion. Riot is usually very quick to hotfix things like that before giving players a chance to figure out the counterplays.

Zombie Slayer Pantheon lol tft teamfight tactics

Pantheon overview

The new champion expands the options of a couple of tricky Teamfight Tactics combos, namely Guardian and Dragon. Both synergies currently only have two champions each. That makes completing 3-star sets difficult if any other player contests them. Thankfully, Pantheon’s addition adds some breathing room for people who pursue either synergy. It also creates a brand new composition path, for people who want to build up a Dragon Guardian team.

Pantheon is currently available on the Teamfight Tactics PBE, so you can go ahead and test him out for yourself. He will most likely make his official debut with patch 9.17 on Aug. 28.

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