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Panda Global teased on Monday that they had some big announcement to make, and it was a doozy. The esports group is the first to build a professional team for Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. The Panda Global Fall Guys team aptly has the team name “Fall Pandas.”

Fall Guys released on August 3, and it didn’t take long before the game practically took over Twitch and YouTube. It’s currently the third most popular game on Twitch. It was only a matter of time before this game turned into a professional esport, and that day is here.

If you’ve noticed a pattern in who made the team, there absolutely is. The entire roster consists of pro players already signed with Panda Global.

Zak “CONEY” Zeeks, a Super Smash Bros. commentator, is the team captain. He also happens to be the champion of Fall Guys‘ first official tournament as a member of Team Pogging Polygons. Joining him on the Fall Pandas team are Smash Ultimate pro Tyler “Marss” Martins, Rivals of Aether pro Joshua “Fullstream” Thompson, and PG Director of Logistics Joshua “Jaaahsh” Marcotte.

Former Pokémon VGC World Champion Wolfe “Wolfey” Glick just missed making the cut after losing in Jump Club.

(Please read the full thread on that one. It’s glorious.)

Fall Guys as esports

The first Twitch Rivals event for Fall Guys will begin on August 28. The Twitch Rivals site itself doesn’t give much in terms of what the tournament will be like, but it sounds like it will be as chaotic as the game is.

80 players in teams of 4 will face off in an asynchronous competition and will earn points based on placement over a predetermined number of games. At the end of the games, the teams will be ranked based on the number of points earned.

We’ll have to see if any other pro teams form, or if esports groups draft any teams in this tournament. It’s a crazy time to be a developer for a multiplayer game, that’s for sure. Who knows what game will become the next esports sensation? When it happens, we’ll certainly be there to let you know.

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