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Fall Guys goes to Epic Games
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Fall Guys joins forces with Epic Games

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After Jason Schreier leaked the merger, Epic Games announced that the company is joining forces with Tonic Games Group. Tonic games group has made titles such as Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout and Murder by Numbers.

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According to the Tonic Games group, the merger with Epic will speed up development and increase availability. Nothing about the game will be changed immediately. Fall Guys will still be available on Steam, and the developers that maintain the game will still be working on the game. But, the merger looks to be very beneficial. Under Epic Games’ leadership, Tonic games will add features such as account systems, crossplay, and more into Fall Guys.

With Epic Games taking the reigns, releases on different platforms should hopefully come sooner. Previously, when Fall Guys first released and amassed 1.5 million players in 24 hours, Tonic Games pushed back the mobile version to focus on improving gameplay for PC and PS4 users. But, with a decreasing player count, a mobile version could be just what the game needs.

“Beyond the shared vision among our teams, we see tremendous potential in combining forces with Epic. Whether it’s about making our own games the best they can be or empowering other game developers to take their content from a kernel of an idea to commercial success, we know that together we will be able to reach greater heights.”
 Paul Croft, Tonic Games Group, Co-Founder and Chief Games Officer.

In their announcement, Mediatonic games hinted at the possibility of going Free-to-play sometime in the near future. The same happened with Rocket League, which was previously a paid game on steam but became free to play after becoming exclusively available on Epic Games. Although Epic Games said that the game will still be available on Steam, many are questioning the statement.

Previously, Epic Games acquired Rocket League. Soon after, Epic removed the game from Steam Store. If the trend occurs with Epic Games again, Fall Guys could become free to play in the next two months.

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