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Panda released the Kickstarter for a new controller specifically made for platform fighters; the Panda Controller was first announced via the official Panda Twitter account on Wednesday. The controller comes with several features that hope to improve the gaming experience compared to the traditional Nintendo GameCube controller.

Panda releases its new controller on Kickstarter

The traditional GameCube controller was released in 2001, yet it is still the most common method for platform fighter players to play their games. Whether it be the long-running Super Smash Brothers series from Nintendo or the new Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl, the GameCube controller has been a staple of competitive gaming for 20 years. Getting a GameCube controller nowadays difficult due to the variability between controllers. A GameCube controller can have a slew of problems such as snapback, bad controller polling, and the fact that GameCube inputs are analog, which are more variable compared to digital inputs. The Panda Controller aims to get rid of these problems and open a world of customizability for consumers.

The new Panda Controller features several new features to improve on the foundation of the GameCube controller. The Panda Controller features smooth face buttons for faster finger movement, a new control sick, USB-C connection, an extra Z button on the left side, and two new back buttons that can be mapped according to a player’s preference. The controller also features new customization options to its physical structure. The gates on the C-stick and control stick can be changed and the shell of the controller is held together magnetically so it can be customized. Currently, there are two main shell options planned, one that mimics Nintendo’s Pro Controller and one that imitates the shell of a GameCube Controller. Finally, the Panda Controller also comes with an expansion pack to customize the weight of the controller according to a user’s liking.

The Panda Controller is now live on Kickstarter with a planned retail price of $90. The project has already $580,000 at the time of this article. However, there is no planned release date yet.