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Passive Skills might not seem important in Palworld, but if you get Pals with the right ones their usefulness in and out of combat can be drastically increased.

As you’d expect, some Passive Skills are tailored for helping out at the base, while others are meant for battle. Because of this, you’ll want to know which ones to look out for when putting together your Palworld team.

To help out we’ve crafted a list of all of the best Passive Skins in Palworld made for combat, so look for Pals with these incredible abilities when gearing up to fight.

The best passive fighting skills in Palworld

Anubis standing in a desert, shooting electric out of his hands.
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Burly Body

Burly Body is a great Passive Skill that some Pals will have that increases their defense by 20 percent. That’s quite a big jump and it’s going to make them much more durable in battle.


Similar to Burly Body, Ferocious is great for battle as it will increase your Pal’s attack power by 20 percent. Pals with this Passive Skill are going to deal huge damage and if you’re able to keep them alive can decimate opponents quickly.


As far as all-around Passive Skills go, Legend is the best. Pals with this Passive Skill don’t just get attack and defense increases of 20 percent, but they also get a 15 percent bump in movement speed.


A Pal that works fast and battles hard is going to be a great ally, and you can quickly identify them by having the Lucky Passive Skill. This skill provides a 15 percent boost in attack power and work speed, making it great in and outside of your base.


Like Lucky, Rare also provides 15 percent increases in work speed and attack power to those Pals lucky enough to have it.

Stronghold Strategist

While most Passive Skills will see your Pal get a boost, some help you out while your companion is in battle. The Stronghold Strategist will increase the player’s defense by 10 percent, so it’s a handy skill to have.


The Vanguard Passive Skill is another that helps the player bolster their offense. When this skill is active players will deal 10 percent more damage.

Divine Dragon

If you’re a fan of Dragon-type Pals then you’ll be happy to know there is an extremely powerful Passive Skill called Divine Dragon. This skill increases the strength of Dragon attacks by 20 percent.


If you’re after a Pal simply for battle and don’t care about its work performance then Musclehead is the best Passive Skill. This sees a huge 30 percent increase in attack power, at the cost of a 50 percent decrease in working speed.

Palworld’s best level one Passive Skills for combat

  • Abnormal: 10% decrease in incoming neutral damage
  • Aggressive: +10% attack, -10% defense
  • Blood of the Dragon: 10% increase to dragon attack power
  • Botanical Barrier: 10% decrease to damage from grass attacks
  • Brave: +10% attack
  • Capacitor: 10% increase to electric attack power
  • Cherry: 10% increase to dark attack power
  • Coldblooded: 10% increase to ice attack power
  • Dragonkiller: 10% decrease damage from incoming dragon attacks
  • Earthquake Resistant: 10% decrease damage from incoming ground attacks
  • Fragrant Foliage: 10% increase to grass attack power
  • Hard Skin: Defense increased by 10%
  • Heated Body: 10% decrease damage from incoming ice attacks
  • Hooligan: Attack +15%, work speed -10%
  • Hydromaniac:  10% increase to water attack power
  • Insulated Body: 10% decrease to incoming lightning damage
  • Power of Gaia: 10% increase to earth attack power
  • Pyromaniac: 10% increase to fire attack power
  • Suntan Lover: 10% decrease to incoming fire damage
  • Veil of Darkness: 10% increase to dark attack power
  • Waterproof: 10% decrease to incoming water damage
  • Zen Mind: 10% increase to neutral attack power