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Palworld is an early access game and with that style of release often comes bugs and errors halting your time playing the game. For some, this appears in the form of the “sorry you are prevented from playing online multiplayer” dialogue box.

Yes, this can be scary to see and it’s going to completely stop you from playing Palworld online, but fortunately, once you know what it means then fixing it comes naturally and with little effort at all.

How to fix ‘sorry you are prevented from playing online multiplayer’ error in Palworld

A Palworld character sitting beside a fire in their base, with sleeping Pals around.
Image via Pocketpair

Have no fear! The “sorry you are currently prevented from playing online multiplier games” error is nothing to be worried about and is simply a matter of a new version of the game going live.

This error shows up when the Pocketpair team ships a new update to Palworld and as such the version you’re playing on is no longer current.

To fix the problem you simply need to restart the game to ensure that the new update has been installed. For Steam players just close and open the game, but Xbox gamers might need to do a little more.

  1. Head to your Xbox home screen
  2. Press the menu button on the Palworld icon and choose “Quit the game”
  3. Now, go to the Updates tab within My Games and Apps
  4. Download the new Palworld update
  5. Boot the game up again

If you do all of these steps you should not see the error show its ugly face again. Fortunately, for many players, this update should be automatically applied when you close the game so you might not even need to do the above steps in full.

Now you know exactly what the problem is there’s no need to panic next time it shows up.