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Palworld patch notes Jan. 31: Bug fixes, changes, and more

The game is getting better.

Palworld is taking the world by storm but the game is still very much in early access and as such you can expect a lot of updates to make the game better, or just run at all.

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The latest of these is here and on Jan. 31, 2024 Pocket Pair devs shared new fixes coming to both Steam and Xbox with updates v0.1.4.0 and v0.1.1.3 respectively. Much of what is in this update was expected, but there are also a few things that may come as pleasant surprises. 

Palworld Steam patch v0.1.4.0 and Xbox v0.1.1.3 notes

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As you’d expect the Palworld team has addressed many of the major game crashing issues plaguing the game since launch. But that isn’t all that has been addressed in this major patch.

While the Steam and Xbox versions of Palworld are at different points, so both have different names, the changes on Jan. 31 were for both versions of the game. Here is a look at everything that has been fixed or changed courtesy of Pocket Pair.

Major Fixes

  • Game crashing issue addressed where Palworld would crash “under certain conditions”
  • Fix rolled out for issue allowing players to catch other players’ Pals when their HP was below 30 percent
  • Debut first fix for Guild issue that would see the game crash and save files be corrupted if the group captured 7000 pals. (This is a temporary solution that will allow players to catch past 7000 until a complete fix is rolled out)

Key Configuration

  • You can now configure your extra mouse buttons and num-pad in the keyboard key configuration menu.

Player Issues

  • Resolved a problem that would see some players on dedicated servers and co-op (online) taking damage twice.
  • Changes have been implemented so that players can move at slower speeds even when over-encumbered
  • Fixed issue that would see players breaching walls when dismounting their Pals
  • Bug fixed that would reset the strength of Lifmunk Effigies used to increase capture power
  • Armor can no longer be equipped in the wrong slot
  • Some ridable Pals have had their camera view adjusted to help players see easier

Base Issues

  • Pals assigned to the Breeding Farm will no longer become hungry or have their manual assignments removed
  • Pal lifting key was changed from F to V | X to Y to stop players from accidentally picking their companions up
  • Fire’s spread has been decreased on structures
  • The problem stopping players from setting manual assignments for their Pals has been fixed
  • High-level Relaxaurus will no longer attack the base during raids
  • Measures have been added to stop base Pals from getting stuck
  • Fix implemented to stop Pals getting stuck while transporting items
  • Pals at the base will no longer continue to cut trees that have already been cut down
  • Base Pals should no longer take unexpected falling damage
  • Pals at the base should no longer randomly float
  • Base building fix implemented to stop issues that would restrict work Pals from moving on the floor below a farm


  • Incorrect text has been fixed
  • Anti-cheat measures implemented to stop Pal theft
  • UI key guide added alongside other small fixes

That was all of the patch notes in Palworld Steam patch v0.1.4.0 and Xbox v0.1.1.3 notes, but it will be far from the last round of updates to the game. Expect more to come in February addressing the remaining problems in the game, and others that could stem on the back of these changes.

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