Palworld: How to get a flying mount Pal early
Palworld: How to get a flying mount Pal early
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Palworld: How to get a flying mount Pal early

Fly as early as you want in Palworld

During the early hours of Palworld, you have to travel around the map on foot to catch Pals, gather resources, and build your base. While it might seem like this is the only form of travel in the game, there are ways for you to traverse the map using your Pals. One of those ways is by using a flying mount, which you can acquire much earlier than you might think in Palworld.

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To see how to get a flying mount during the early game of Palworld, keep reading my guide below.

Getting an early flying mount in Palworld

As you might expect, the only flying mounts in Palworld are Pals that have wings. Most other Pals only have the ability to either swim in the water or run on land as a mount. This means you need to find a flying Pal in the early game if you want to take to the sky.

Luckily, there is a flying Pal right near the starting region of the game. This Pal is called Nitewing, and you can usually find them around levels 10-12 right near the second fast travel tower on the map. All you have to do to find Nitewing is walk northwest of where you started Palworld and you’ll find the next fast travel tower along with Nitewings flying in the sky.

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Since they fly, Nitewings are usually flying when you encounter them. However, they also drop to the ground every now and again, so make sure you’re looking everywhere for them. Once you manage to capture a Nitewing, you have to build a Pal Gear Workbench, which is unlocked in your Technology menu at level six. Then, wait until you’re level 12 and unlock “Nitewing Saddle” from the Technology menu. This gives you the ability to craft a saddle for Nitewing, allowing you to fly on it.

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Nitewing’s Saddle doesn’t have to be equipped manually once you craft it. All you need to do is craft the saddle and it will be added to the “Key Items” tab in your inventory. Once it’s there, you can summon Nitewing from your party, go near it, and hold the “Interact” key once you’re close enough. This triggers Nitewing’s Partner Skill, which places you on the Pal’s back and lets you fly.

After getting on any flying mount, you can go up, down, and fly faster. However, all flying Pals have a stamina bar that, once empty, will force the Pal immediately down to the ground. Once this happens, you have to wait until the stamina bar refills to go fast again. As you progress, stronger flying Pals will have better stamina and not get tired as quickly.

If you’re looking for another flying Pal besides Nitewing, you can also catch Vanwyrm near the starting region of Palworld as well. Vanwrym’s Saddle requires you to be level 21 before you can craft it, though, so Nitewing is your only real early game choice.

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