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Hi-Rez recently gave us a glimpse of what’s in store in the upcoming Pirate’s Treasure Paladins update. A new battle pass is on the way, featuring Pirate-themed cosmetics. More importantly, the next update will bring a lot of balance changes and a brand new game mode.

Pirate’s Treasure

The current Shore Patrol battle pass ends mid-September, and Pirate’s Treasure should drop immediately after. As always, it will bring a ton of new cosmetics and other loot. Resident Foxgirl Io and Catgirl Maeve are among the champions getting new looks, as is Ruckus.

Paladins hi-rez battle pass eight oceans Ruckus pirate's treasure

There is a lot happening on the balance side of the Pirate’s Treasure Paladins update. Dredge will see some minor tweaks, mostly centered around making his Kraken ultimate hit more consistently, albeit for dramatically lower damage.

In front line news, Fernando players can finally rejoice. Fernando has always tailed behind champions like Ash with his shield functionality. This update will reduce the baseline cooldown of his shield by 20 percent and add the ability to reduce it further through the Towering Barrier card. Champions Drogoz, Androxus, Imani, Pip, Strix, Torvald, and Tyra will also receive some minor tweaks.

Moving objectives

The new game mode is called King of the Hill, and it’s a dynamic variant of Paladins‘ Onslaught. It features four current maps: Snowfall Junction, Trade District, Marauders Port, and Magistrate’s Archive. It lasts 15 minutes, and over the course of the match, the objective points move around the map every 90 seconds. This already sounds like a more fun concept than classic Onslaught.

Paladins new mode king of hill onslaught

There is still almost a month left to go for the Shore Patrol battle pass, but you can preview the next one in Hi-Rez’s update notes. The Pirate’s Treasure battle pass will last two months, ending in mid-November.

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