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The next big update for Paladins arrives in early November, bringing a new champion and a new battle pass. Titled “The Damned Frontier,” this update will also tweak a number of champions, focusing especially on counter-play options. Read on for our breakdown of everything important coming in The Damned Frontier.

Wild West Battle Pass

The next battle pass is simply called Wild West. As you can probably imagine, it comes packed with cowboy hats and revolvers. The Paladins Damned Frontier pass features a ton of cosmetics, including some stylish get-ups for champions Strix and Lex. Our favorite new design is the steampunk-looking Safecracker Khan, which you can see below.

Paladins Safecracker Khan skin

Balance changes

This patch will be lean on balance, but the few changes it brings are certainly impactful. For starters, Atlas’ Second Chance will be classified as a movement ability, which means that Cripples can cancel it. This offers some defense against Atlas’ infuriating tendency to undo entire plays and just plain cancel his own death. The change is sure to catch some players off-guard.

Champions Cassie and Lian are getting similar treatment in the Damned Frontier update. Cassie will no longer be CC-immune during her ultimate. Lian’s Enlightenment will now only block 50 percent of damage rather than rendering her completely invulnerable. It seems the Paladins balance team is focusing on opening up counter-play options this time around, and that’s always a good thing.

Paladins Bounty Hunter Lex skin

Champions Willo, Androxus, and Dredge will also see slight tweaks. Dredge is arguably the biggest winner of the patch, with the damage of his Kraken ultimate nearly doubling, from 1400 to 2500.

Raum, Rage of the Abyss

Frontliner and “Demon Chad” Raum will land in the Realm with the Damned Frontier update. Raum is a tanky champion with an aggressive set of abilities. He is notably for arriving in the game just in time for the Paladins World Championship. It would be interesting to see how he fares against established champions, assuming any of the competing teams try to use him at launch.

The Paladins Damned Frontier update arrives in early November. Until then, stay tuned to Daily Esports for more Paladins news and content!