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Despite not going live in five days, Twitch has banned the Overwatch Korea channel with no clear reason. The ban was highlighted on Twitter, where fans expressed confusion about why an official Overwatch Twitch account was banned. Dexerto’s original report also states no explanation for why this ban happened.

Bans rampant on Twitch

The Twitter account StreamerBans announced the ban mid-day on Thursday, while a match between O2 Blast and Talon Esports was the last stream on the channel. Some people on Twitter took the opportunity to poke fun at the ban, focusing on Overwatch’s recent lack of content.

While bans are rare for official accounts, they are a common occurrence for individual streamers of renown. For example, TSM’s popular chess streamer GMHikaru just got done with a two day ban hours after the Overwatch Korea channel suffered one. His ban was for watching YouTube content creator Dr. Disrespect on stream, due to that content creator’s ban from Twitch.

Going further back, Team Heretics owner and popular Spanish streamer David “TheGrefg” Cánovas also was banned from Twitch for featuring a banned streamer on his broadcast — though his ban was also short lived.

Overwatch banned but not affected

It is unclear how long this ban on the channel will last or whether either Twitch or the Overwatch League will offer an explanation for it. None of the other Overwatch Twitch channels were affected, however.

With the Overwatch 2 beta coming soon and the 2022 Overwatch League season starting soon after its release, a long ban could make it more difficult to highlight the latest developments in Overwatch to Korean viewers.

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