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The Overwatch Summer Games event returns on July 20 releasing new skins as well as returning game modes Activision Blizzard announced. In celebration of the hottest season of the year, the Summer Games event represents the fun of summertime along with Olympics-like themes and skins. The new announcement video shows three new skins for Symmetra, Mei and Ashe.

New skins revealed

Symmetra, a hero which fans have been begging for more skins for, was the first one to be shown. The new look for her has white hair and blue additions to her outfit.

Then, Ashe has a new beach outfit, with B.O.B also kitted out to relax on the beach. After the recent Ashe event, this is another skin to try out on her.

Last in this video was Mei. She is getting an old-fashioned malt shop makeover, with a frosty gun, new glasses and a Sundae-version of her sidekick Snowball. While those three skins were the ones front and center in this video, there was a screenshot hinting at the rest of the new skins arriving soon.

Overwatch Summer Games returns
Overwatch Summer Games promotional image. | Provided by Activision Blizzard

According to this photo from the video, the photograph on the middle right shows the entire Overwatch team. Some of the skins fans don’t recognize are for Sigma, Winston, and possibly Pharah. These could be the new skins included in this update, along with the three already advertised.

Lucioball returns

The popular game mode Lucioball will return with the new event as well. The mode will also feature tweaked versions of the Sydney Harbor Arena and Busan Stadium for players to test out. Lucioball Remix is also releasing in the Summer Games event. The updated version of the original, Lucioball Remix features two balls in play at all times with bonus balls worth extra points that spawn at different points around the map.