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Overwatch Archives, the seasonal in-game event, is releasing on April 16. The event is titled Overwatch Storm Rising. Blizzard has revealed some of the cosmetics players can earn from the special event loot boxes. Let’s take a look at the Storm Rising skins.

Talon Baptiste

The first skin teased is for Overwatch‘s newest character, Baptiste, in his black, red, and white color scheme. The Legendary skin named Talon Baptiste is a reference to his previous involvement in the evil Talon organization.

Circus Junkrat

The second skin teased is for the Overwatch character Junkrat. The skin features him in a circus outfit and will be an Epic level skin. Compared to his dull grey and gold normal colors, the circus skin features bright purple, light blue, and white tones. Junkrat’s attire is now white with a purple outline compared to the previous full black theme. Two of his other skins are also similarly named Jester and Fool.

The Storm Rising event showcases a storyline about the Overwatch team trying to track down a Talon operative, an Omnic robot named Maximilien. A video teaser released by Blizzard shows that players will be able to compete in teams of four, using Tracer, Genji, Winston, and Mercy. Like usual, the Archives event features a PvE co-op mission against waves of AI-controlled bots. Previous Overwatch Archives events like Uprising and Retribution will be open to players as well.

Full details about the Overwatch Archives event have not been released yet. There are also several more skins that can be unlocked through the event, which are currently unknown. However, by viewing the event’s achievements, one can see four different characters, including McCree, Baptiste, B.O.B, and Bastion.

The Storm Rising event runs April 16 through May 6. Want to keep up with all of the latest Overwatch news and content? Keep track on our Overwatch page!

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