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Overwatch Wrecking Ball

Introducing Wrecking Ball, Overwatch’s newest hero

After a week of speculation, Overwatch has finally revealed its newest hero to the world: Wrecking Ball, also known as Hammond.

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Blizzard was very cryptic with its hints for the 28th hero over the past week, releasing two teasers on the 21st and the 25th of June. Many fans assumed that the new hero would be Hammond, based off of the clues in the Overwatch teaser trailers. The writing on the wall about “Building our future in Space” and “Horizon” was evidence towards the new hero being from the moon. Also, the newest updates to the Horizon Lunar Colony map added more proof that he would be the next character. However, the wait is over, and everyone is either in a state of confusion, happiness, or both.

Who is Hammond, the Wrecking Ball?

The hero is Hammond, the missing creature off of the Horizon Lunar Colony. Horizon Lunar Colony was originally a moonbase created by Lucheng Interstellar, a fictional Chinese company specializing in the space industry. The main purpose of the moonbase was to focus on space exploration. However, there was also an experiment on-board where a group of genetically enhanced gorillas were to grow into scientists. The most famous and successful story from this experiment would be Winston, the playable tank hero. Hammond, on the other hand, was the only genetically enhanced hamster on board. He was constantly escaping his cell and the scientists never knew why. The reason, we find out later, was that the hamster was teaching himself how to become a mechanic. This would prove to be useful later on.

Unfortunately, there was an uprising amongst the test subjects on the colony and all the gorillas sent the scientists into space. Winston and Hammond are both missing, as per Lucheng systems. We all know where Winston has been, as he was able to build a rocket ship and travel to Earth. Hammond’s whereabouts, however, have been a mystery.

We later find out that Hammond was able to attach himself to Winston’s rocket ship via escape pod. He then fell down to Earth and landed in Australia, near Junkertown. There, he modifies his escape pod to enter the mech battle arena at the Scrapyard. He manages to become the Champion of Junkertown, and using all his winnings, he upgrades his pod to travel out of the wastelands. Now he travels the world, doing whatever he pleases.

Wrecking Ball’s abilities

Welcome another tank hero to the mix. Wrecking Ball’s Piledriver and Roll abilities make him a great hero to attack the back line, as well as disrupt the front lines of any enemy team. His Adaptive Shield also makes him a formidable initiator who can soak up a ton of damage while engaging. He also deals a lot of damage himself with Minefield and his quad cannons. Check out the full first look on Wrecking Ball here. If you want to try out Wrecking Ball, he is actually available to play on the Overwatch Public Test Region right now!

What do you think of the newest Overwatch hero? Will he be used in the competitive Overwatch scene? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! If you want to see more Overwatch news, check us out here!