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For followers of the Overwatch League, the goal from day one was to have matches much like in most sports: with home and away games. Last season, the main test for this was having their grand finals held in New York as opposed to Los Angeles. With how quickly they sold out, they decided to make a big decision for season two: having certain weeks held in different cities. Instead of having all matches held at the Blizzard Arena in Los Angeles, other cities such as Dallas and Atlanta are holding this event for a week.

Home and away games this fast?

Overwatch League Dallas sold out tickets
A photo from a previous event at the Allen Event Center.

Was the risk of pushing this Overwatch League localization this quickly a risk? Even if it were, it seems to have paid off, as the tickets for the upcoming Dallas home-stand have sold out as of April 17. Hosting two matches from their home team, the Dallas Fuel, this event seems to be bustling. Its location is the Allen Event Center in Allen, Texas, an area just north of Dallas. With Dallas facing their local rivals the Houston Outlaws on that week, the atmosphere is going to be electric. Especially due to the Fuel still needing wins to secure a playoff spot for both the stage and overall.

What about the future?

Overwatch League Dallas sold out tickets

Similarly to the Overwatch League selling out their first ever grand finals, this is only good for this community. If this event proves to be as great as they’re planning, other cities are going to buy into this localization. This idea of home and away games might happen as soon as next year for all teams. With the European and Asian teams, that might take a little longer. But with the World Cup Qualifiers from earlier this year also being all over the world, it is possible. And this selling out is only good for Dallas, as their fans can see their beloved team in their city.

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