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The second match on Friday on week three ended up a very clear-cut win in the Overwatch League. The Philadelphia Fusion swept the Houston Outlaws 4-0.

A convincing win

Unlike with the first match of the day, most people expected the Philadelphia Fusion to beat the Houston Outlaws. The Fusion showed more upside than the Outlaws did, and this match didn’t defy expectation. The Fusion started off this stage only losing to the Excelsior twice, beating every other opponent in fairly dominant fashion. The Outlaws, however, had only one match previous. They played well, but ultimately lost to the Vancouver Titans. Unfortunately for the Outlaws, it seems every time they show promise against top-tier teams, the next match their progression seems to have disappeared.

A team effort

This 4-0 sweep was something the Fusion were struggling to get this season, with this being their first sweep win in season two. Some players stood out, with Jae-hyeok “Carpe” Lee continuing his consistent form in the league. But while Carpe played well, this entire match was a great example of how a team can outplay another team without certain individuals playing well. The coaching staff on the Fusion studied the Outlaws hard despite their one match this stage, and that showed in the final result.

On the Outlaws side, what made them win a map against the Titans seems to have disappeared in this game. The players are still by themselves playing well, but their strategies and team play just weren’t on the same level as that of the Fusion in this match. Improvements need to be made to get Outlaws out of the bottom into the playoffs.

 The Philadelphia Fusion swept the Houston Outlaws 4-0 in Overwatch League / OWL.
Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

The Fusion only play the Shock at the end of the stage, while the Outlaws face the reborn Shanghai Dragons later this week. With the Outlaws having more matches left, they have more time to improve. This includes the bragging right of possibly beating the Fuel in the upcoming Dallas home stand.

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