Overwatch announces Anniversary Remix Vol. 1, three-part event
Overwatch Anniversary Remix
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Overwatch announces Anniversary Remix Vol. 1, three-part event

Popular legendary skins are remixed in this trilogy Anniversary event

Overwatch announced a three-part event Thursday that will run from April 2-26, starting with the Anniversary Remix Volume 1, with all previous seasonal cosmetic items available for players to buy. The event also features six new legendary skins that are re-done versions of previous skins. Like all previous Anniversary events, the vault of player-vs.-enemy game modes such as the Archives missions and Lucioball will return over a scheduled time in the event.

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Volume 1 introduces new but familiar Overwatch skins

To start, there are six new skins coming in the first volume of this Anniversary Remix event. They are as follows:

  • Demon Genji
  • Evermore Reaper
  • Mage Mercy
  • Steelhardt Reinhardt
  • White Cat D.Va
  • Zealot Zenyatta

Each one is a revision of a previous existing legendary skin within the game. For example, the Demon Genji skin is a remix of his Oni skin and the Mage Mercy skin is a remix of her Witch skin. In addition to these six remixed skins, the next two events of this trilogy will each contain six more skins. This means by the time Volume 3 of this event rolls around, there will be 18 new legendary skins in Overwatch.

All collected cosmetic items in-game will transfer to Overwatch 2, developer Blizzard said. But, on the Blizzard forums, the team also confirmed that this is essentially the final Archives event.

Weekly challenge skins and more return

As is customary for the anniversary event, even more formerly time-specific content is returning for fans to get a second chance at snagging it. In previous min-events, there were skins available only if you played a certain amount of games over the stretch of a week or two. Now, some of those skins are coming back.

The first is the Nano D.Va epic skin, which was originally released as a limited-time skin after the “Shooting Star” cinematic launch. Just like back in August of 2018, you can get this skin by playing 27 games in Overwatch. On the way to those 27 played games, you also can get the limited-time Nano spray and player icon. The Overwatch team also confirmed that Bastet Ana and Combat Medic Baptiste are returning within these three Anniversary Remix events.

Last but not least, PvE events return all throughout the three events. In the first week, from April 5-11, each day brings a new PvE event. Starting with the Summer Games event, then going to Halloween Terror, Winter Wonderland, Lunar New Year and ending with the Archives, Week 1 provides a year’s selection of previous PvE content.

As of this announcement, Volumes 2 and 3 of this event and their content are still unannounced. The Overwatch team said it will “allocate more time and attention to the upcoming PvP beta, while simultaneously providing the community with the chance to earn unique variants of your favorite Legendary skins”.

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