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Not too long into Season 2 and a new meta, the Overwatch 2 team has released hotfix patch notes with hero changes as the only focus. The main heroes getting changes include Doomfist, Orisa, and Sojourn.

This is the first of many more mid-season patch notes to come, dubbed hotfixes by the Overwatch 2 team. One noticeable missing hero is Roadhog, which the team addressed as a hero they will be focusing on changing soon.

Hero changes in Overwatch 2 hotfix


With these changes, Doomfist has gotten weaker across the board. While not uncounterable, Doomfist shot up to one of the best tanks in Season 2. With these changes, the team aims to make him still viable, but not as dominant.

The first change is increasing his Rocket Punch cooldown by a second, followed up by increasing the damage needed to activate his empowered state with Power Block. Lastly, the passive ability that allows him to gain shields by hitting enemies with his abilities was nerfed slightly.


With the frequent use of both Roadhog and Doomfist in competitive play, Orisa has seen plenty of use as a potential counter. Now, with these buffs, she might get more playing time. Her ultimate Terra Surge can now penetrate through barriers, meaning that Reinhardt shields or Winston bubbles no longer negate it.

Plus, her primary fire now has a better range, falling off 10 meters later than before.


The general consensus with the Overwatch 2 community was that Ramattra was average to below average as a tank upon release. The team saw that response and decided to buff him.

First off, when in his Nemesis form, he moves 20% faster now, with even more armor than in the previous patch. Plus, his shield in his Omnic form has a reduced cooldown, now two seconds shorter.


As for Sojourn, fans were disappointed to see the expected nerfs to be, essentially, buffs for the hero in Season 2. The team also noticed that feedback and nerfed her to adjust.

Her primary fire’s spread is widened by 28%, and her Disruptor Shot no longer slows enemies. Plus, her slide has a longer cooldown now, just by a second. This means Sojourns will have a tougher time escaping now, with no slow ability and a longer time to wait to slide.


Tracer got one key change in this hotfix. Her damage from her Pulse Pistols is nerfed a little, from 6 to 5.5.


Ana got some buffs, which is nice to see in a meta focused around Roadhog and Doomfist. Her Biotic Rifle now does both more damage and healing, increased from 70 to 75 per shot. On top of that, her Biotic Grenade now has a longer-lasting effect, buffed by a second. This allows her to be more flexible both offensively and defensively.


The final change in the first hotfix patch for Overwatch 2 is Kiriko’s Protection Suzu. With the previous patch buffing it, the team nerfed it by decreasing the invulnerability duration from 1 second to 0.85 seconds.

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