Overwatch 2 reveals Twitch Rivals event, Trevor Project partnership
Overwatch 2 Twitch Rivals
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Overwatch 2 reveals Twitch Rivals event, Trevor Project partnership

The first Twitch Rivals Overwatch 2 event partners with The Trevor Project

The upcoming Overwatch 2 Pride Showdown tournament is teaming up with Twitch Rivals and The Trevor Project in order to raise money for the LGBTQ+ organization. This is another Overwatch 2 and Twitch partnership, with the recent Support a Creator event being on Twitch as well. The prize pool currently for this tournament is $250,000, with popular Twitch Overwatch streamers as the team captains. The games begin on July 12 at 5 PM EST and end at 10 PM EST, with eight teams facing each other in both group and bracket stages.

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The Trevor Project joins the Pride Showdown

For those who don’t know, The Trevor Project is one of the biggest charities focused around the mental health of young LGBTQ+ people, helping by providing multiple crisis intervention programs. This includes a 24/7 phone lifeline as well as chat and text, on top of other multiple advocacy and research programs.

While Overwatch has partnered before with other charities such as the Breast Cancer Research Foundation back in 2018, this is the first such partnership for Overwatch 2.

Tournament details

For the eight teams, here are the eight captains and their Twitch channels.

They each will assemble their own five-player team for the tournament, fighting for the prize pool. The group stages start with four teams in two groups. Then, the top two teams from each group proceed to the championship bracket. The bottom two teams from both groups move to the consolation bracket.

In the bracket stage, single-elimination best-of-three matches on Push, Escort and Hybrid will determine who wins it all. As of right now, which maps are in the pool have yet to be chosen. After the groups are over, the winning teams in the first round of the championship bracket will move to the grand finals. At the same time, the two losing teams will fight for third place in the championship bracket.

How to watch the OW2 Pride Showdown

From 5 PM EST to 10 PM EST on July 12, the event will be broadcast on the Twitch Rivals channel. On top of that, each captain will be streaming their perspective from their respective Twitch channels linked above.

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