Overwatch 2 releases patch notes alongside Battle For Olympus mode
Overwatch 2 Junker Queen Battle for Olympus patch notes
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Overwatch 2 releases patch notes alongside Battle For Olympus mode

The latest patch notes for Overwatch 2 are small buffs across four heroes

Alongside the new Battle for Olympus game mode, the Overwatch 2 team have released patch notes, including changes to Junker Queen, Zarya and Moira. In a similar vein to the hotfixes the team aims to continue, these changes aim to balance the game with small changes to specific heroes. Out of all the changes, the Junker Queen changes are easily available to use as she is one of the key heroes in the new Battle for Olympus game mode.

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All heroes get buffs in Olympus patch

Going over all the heroes getting changes in this patch, each one gets an upgrade over their previous kit. How much this will change their viability in the current meta has yet to be seen.

Junker Queen changes

For Junker Queen, ever since her dominance in the open beta, she’s remained a mediocre-at-best tank in Overwatch 2. Alas, these Overwatch 2 patch notes include some buffs to increase her viability, especially in Battle for Olympus.

Starting off, her passive ability Adrenaline Rush now will heal more. When an enemy dies with the Wound effect on them, Junker Queen heals for the rest of the Wound amount. On top of that, her Carnage ability now has a reduced cooldown. For each enemy it hits, the cooldown becomes two seconds shorter.

Lastly, her Jagged Blade got a damage adjustment. Now, instead of doing a flat 80 damage and Wounding the target, it does 50 on it and does a 30 damage Wound. This new Wound effect stacks with Carnage or Melee attack Wound effects.

Zarya changes

As for Zarya, her key changes revolve around her beam charge. Now, instead of disappearing 2.2 charge per second, it’s slower at 2 charge per second. Plus, instead of starting to disappear one second after previous charge gain, it now takes two seconds to start losing charge.

Brigitte and Moira changes

For Brigitte, she only gets one change, and a relatively simple one at that. Her shield is now a bit stronger, with 300 health instead of 250.

As for Moira, she also only gets one change, but one with significant power to it. Now, when dealing damage with her Biotic Orb, she restores a little Biotic Energy.

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