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With each new season in Overwatch 2, hero balance updates come along and change up which heroes are best, so here is the tier list for heroes in Season 3. This post will be updated either every major patch or every season, depending on which comes first.

Overwatch 2 tier list
The tier list for Overwatch 2 characters in Season 3. | Provided by Michael Czar.

Season 3 tier list

Just to keep it fair, this is based on a mix of pro and casual gameplay, as that is what the developers aim to balance the heroes on.

S-tier heroes for Season 3

For Season 3, we have some new inclusions into the S-tier. Starting off, we have Orisa, Lucio and Ashe. Orisa is the best tank for all ranks right now, thanks to her useful kit and survivability. Lucio works great with Kiriko, which is why he remains a top tier support. For DPS, Ashe has shot into the S tier thanks to the strength of her ultimate and her consistent damage output.

Kiriko remains an instant pick, and that hasn’t changed since her introduction into the game. The updates that did come around for Season 2 and even Season 3 nerfed her a little, but not enough to move her out of the top tier.

A-tier heroes for Season 3

To keep it simple, a lot of these heroes in this tier remain here from last season. Sojourn, while not an instant pick anymore, is still very good. Reinhardt, Sigma, and the rest were all good towards the end of Season 1 and Season 2, and continue that into Season 3. Some notable jumps from previous seasons include Cassidy, Widowmaker and Mercy.

The fact is that swapping tanks is still crucial mid-game, making most tanks viable in various situations.

B-tier heroes for Season 3

Not as good as the tiers above, the B-tier consists of heroes that you can win with if you’re good enough across most ranks. This has the majority of heroes in the game, from Winston and Wrecking Ball to Echo and Pharah.

Some really good players can make these heroes work, but at the lower ranks, you might have more success playing the heroes in the tiers above.

Overwatch 2 Mercy and Winston
Overwatch 2 Mercy and Winston. | Provided by Activision-Blizzard.

C-tier heroes for Season 3

For this tier, these picks are very situational, but not insta-lose picks. Some of the notable heroes here are Bastion and Zarya, two heroes that used to be very powerful in previous seasons. Alongside the Shimada brothers of Hanzo and Genji, we have heroes that have potential to work but will usually get outplayed by other heroes in-game.

D-tier heroes for Season 3

Brigitte is still in the lowest tier, but now has other heroes joining her. Symmetra, Doomfist, Torbjorn and Sombra all get very little use in the current meta. You can make these heroes work under very rare circumstances, but it’ll be so much easier to play heroes higher in this tier list.