Overwatch 2 beta gets second patch, Mercy and Sojourn buffs
Overwatch 2 Mercy and Winston
Overwatch 2 Mercy and Winston | Provided by Activision-Blizzard.

Overwatch 2 beta gets second patch, Mercy and Sojourn buffs

Mercy's Super Jump and Sojourn's railgun get buffs

Off of Friday’s developer blog, the second patch for the Overwatch 2 beta is now live, with big changes to Mercy and Sojourn. The only other hero getting a change is Baptiste, with this patch not as extensive as the first beta patch.

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Mercy and Sojourn get big buffs

With only three hero changes highlighting these patch notes, let’s start with the one that the developers specifically mentioned in their blog.

The team talked about Mercy’s hidden Super Jump ability, something a good chunk of players either didn’t know existed or didn’t know how to use. As explained in the notes, this new change to her Guardian Angel allows her to do this ability more consistently, gaining more height as well. This all works around the ability to cancel the ability at any time, leading to an updraft that the player can glide down with afterwards.

As for Sojourn, in the beta, she has remained a bit underwhelming in comparison to the meta DPS of Solider: 76 and Genji. In the last beta patch, she got a little buff to her empowered railgun shot, now wider and easier to land. Even with that buff, she still remained a bit niche, so the team made her regular railgun more powerful. Now, her primary fire has both more ammo and a faster fire rate. This allows players to build their energy, do more damage and get those powerful railgun shots more often. Mixed with the wider shots from the last patch, Sojourn’s viability is getting better.

Baptiste finishes off the second patch

As for Baptiste, much like Sojourn, his use so far in the beta has been limited at best. He has seen more use in the Overwatch League due to his immortality field and group healing capabilities, but still lacks in comparison to Ana and Lucio. So, the team has changed his regenerative burst ability to heal 50 health instantly and 50 over time, instead of his old 100 health over time. This now allows for more clutch healing moments. But, to balance it out, the burst no longer heals Baptiste for double.

Those are all the changes on the second Overwatch 2 beta patch. The first beta ends on May 17, 2022.

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