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A new Push map is coming to Overwatch 2.

Specifically, a new map called Esperanca, located in Portugal. The map features a cobblestone street lined with pastel blue and peach-orange houses. As Overwatch teams push their way through the winding streets, they’ll encounter stunningly decorated homes, cafes, and a castle. The city is next to the water, with a scenic view of a foggy, coastal town amongst the trees.

The response to the map has been largely positive, with fans saying it’s a beautiful map — maybe even the most stunning thus far. Dallas Fuel called it “gorgeous.” The Los Angeles Gladiators called it “incredible.” One fan from Portugal stated that it’s “great representation” of a country that’s not often seen in games.

Blizzard artist Peter Tran seemed pleased with the feedback, stating that the team “worked so hard” to create the map. He shared some images from the Push map that show even more of its incredible details, including some windows with dangling flowers and small, European cars tucked along the side of the streets. The map looks truly vibrant and alive.

The new Push map will be available alongside Overwatch 2 on release, meaning fans can start playing on the map right away.

The Overwatch 2 Push mode has the two teams competing to escort a robot called TS-1 to the opposite side of the map. It’s a new game mode that works great with the new aggressive 5v5 meta.

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