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Sixteen of Australia’s best Street Fighter V players gathered at Melbourne’s Caulfield Racecourse on Sunday. The top players battled their way through months of preliminaries to play in the inaugural Pegasus Cup Grand Final. Attendees included DarkSided’s Somniac, Rupps, and Pahnda, the only interstate entrant from Queensland. The weekend, however, belonged to Order’s RoF.

Crowned the Pegasus Cup champion for 2018, RoF has taken his fourth championship title in as many months. Living up to his name, (RoF is an acronym for “Requiem of Fear.”) the 23-year-old brings one of the most recognisable and lively personalities to the FGC.

The exciting match-up with long-term nemesis, Somniac, in the winners final almost saw him knocked into the losers bracket. Having lost the first game, it looked like Somniac’s reign of mental intimidation over RoF would get the better of Order’s star player. However, he came back to win games two and three, and it was Somniac who went into losers.

Somniac then played Pahnda, the man responsible for knocking Rupps from the tournament in the losers semi-final. Pahnda took third place as Somniac went on to play RoF again in the Grand Final. But RoF brought his A-game, denying Somniac a reset, and winning convincingly 2:1.

Coming off the back of the Tokyo Game Show, where he was labelled the “Sako killer” and placed 33rd, RoF looks unbeatable in Australia at the moment. He’s certainly gained a lot of experience and momentum in the last year. It will be interesting to see what he can do on the world stage in the coming months and years.