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The slide canceling mechanic is one of the most controversial aspects of the recent Call of Duty games. This movement style was first introduced in Modern Warfare 2019; since then, slide canceling has been a prevalent part of every following title, including Warzone. In the past, there has been a debate between players who like the skill gap slide canceling implements and players that don’t enjoy the unfair advantage slide canceling provides. However, the most vocal crowd against slide canceling has been the Call of Duty League professionals. Recently, OpTic Texas’ Seth “Scump” Abner stated his two-cents on the matter, saying he doesn’t want the mechanic to return in Modern Warfare 2.

Since CDL professionals scrimmage for multiple hours every single day during the season, they need to slide cancel constantly, map after map. Doing this causes massive stress on any player’s hands, as the slide cancel process requires nimble finger movements on a controller. For this reason, and a desire to return to a more classic Call of Duty movement style, Scump and many other pros don’t want to see slide canceling in the upcoming MW2.

Scump stamps his disapproval of slide canceling

Scump made his stance on this matter known during a recent Twitch stream. The OpTic player was in a Warzone lobby with teammate Anthony “Shotzzy” Cuevas-Castro and pro Warzone player HusKerrs. HusKerrs, who plays on mouse and keyboard, brought up the topic of the slide cancel mechanic, as the trio was talking about Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2. Almost immediately, Scump exclaimed he did not want to see it in MW2 multiplayer.

“I’m from the golden days, you know. I don’t mind slide canceling, I just don’t like what it’s done to my hands. I’m sitting here death-gripping my controller.”

For what it’s worth, HusKerrs agreed with Scump and said he didn’t want to see slide canceling either. However, that was from a strictly Warzone 2 perspective. It seems that a majority of the professional community, be it Warzone or the CDL, doesn’t want to see the slide cancel mechanic in this new era of Call of Duty. Meanwhile, the non-professional players enjoy the mechanic due to it being a skill that they might have over other players. While it does add a skill gap, the slide cancel also breaks the flow of movement and becomes a crutch that players rely on far too heavily.

According to recent rumors, the slide feature in Modern Warfare 2 won’t allow for slide canceling. Leakers have stated that it acts more like COD Ghosts’ slide, meaning that players can’t shoot their gun immediately after they go into a slide. If this is true, then the slide cancel mechanic is all but dead. Of course, there could be other ways to exploit the movement system, so we’ll have to wait and see.

Call of Duty Next on Sept. 15 could reveal more about the controversial mechanic. Though, we’ll know about the status of slide canceling for sure when the MW2 beta goes live on Sept. 16.

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