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After the news broke yesterday about Immortals potentially buying OpTic Gaming, the esports world was set on fire. OpTic, one of the most well-known brands, looked to be sold to Immortals. However, a new development involving OpTic’s founder, OpTic H3CZ, has now surfaced.

According to multiple reports, H3CZ is competing with Immortals to buy back OpTic. H3CZ originally sold a majority stake in the organization to Texas Esports, which is now up for sale.

Immortals seemed to be the only suitors for this deal. However, H3CZ is apparently working with the ex-president of Infinite Esports to buy back OpTic.

A bidding war for OpTic

While it may have been a good decision at the time, H3CZ obviously chose the wrong investors. With OpTic’s relocation to Dallas, H3CZ decided to accept investments from Texas Esports, which owns Infinite. This gave OpTic the capital to secure an NA LCS spot, but now those same investors are leaving H3CZ out to dry.

After news struck that OpTic was up for sale, Immortals immediately got to work. While they are solely after the NA LCS spot, H3CZ is trying to save the organization he started from scratch.

However, even with H3CZ’s good intentions, Immortals seem to have the advantage in the bidding war. This would effectively leave H3CZ without a job in OpTic.

A familiar direction for H3CZ?

Even though H3CZ’s group might not win the bidding war, there are other options. According to reports, H3CZ is meeting with both Immortals and Infinite Esports to discuss other opportunities. One of these opportunities would revolve around H3CZ reprising his position as CEO of OpTic.

As stated previously, Immortals are only after the NA LCS spot. They would need to sell the Houston Outlaws since they already own the L.A. Valiant, but the rest of the current OpTic teams are up in the air.

If Immortals does, in fact, purchase Infinite’s stake in OpTic, they could keep H3CZ on to oversee the Call of Duty team as well as content creation. If this is indeed true, this is terrific news for the Greenwall.

While some of the organization is under Immortals, the rest can hopefully stay under the OpTic Gaming umbrella.

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